Detest – Love Songs EP

#EXTINF:101,01. Detest - Banga Core 2017 VIP 210bpm

#EXTINF:202,02. Detest - Get the fucka 2017 VIP 220bpm

#EXTINF:303,03. Detest - Love Song 2017 VIP 200bpm


Playlista typu M3U. Zawiera zaledwie kilka informacji. Znana z Winamp’a, obsługiwana przez VideoLANa i mpv. Spróbujcie w każdym z nich.

Może kiedyś wyjdzie wiecznie zapowiadany nowy Winamp i nadrobi straty na polu M3U, które sam wyhodował.

TBL: Ocean Machine, √Amiga AGA



This entry has an educational point. Below You can study an m3u8 playlist. More, You can click on any /index.m3u8 remote file in order to play it in Your favourite local video player. There is no active code, it’s as simple as HTML and passive code (though I didn’t say that it’s safe, whatsoever).

Players supported are at least VideoLAN and mpv, as well as any up to date Apple and Android device. Beware iTunes on macOS from opening it automatically, though. Have fun videotricking around!

All URL’s ending with index.m3u8 point to the respective video tracks with different resolutions (and bitrates). That’s Adaptive Bitrates (ABR) in a nutshell.











The main master.m3u8, which collates all the links above, is located under this URL.

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